picture (3)Artist in Residence

Linda is now artist in residence at Wardley Primary School, where she has been commissioned to create artworks for the school hall. With the help of the children, she is painting large colourful murals based on characters from the childrens reading books and nursery rhymes.

Part of a large mural, Kipper from ”The Magic Key”

The Cathedral Church of St Nicholas Newcastle upon Tyne

The exhibition has now closed, it has been a very exciting time with many visitors
and very positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who attended the exhibition.
An Exhibition of Silk Paintings by Linda Anne Watson commenced on the
7th August and will run till the end of September 2010. The pieces of work are approx 4ft x 4ft and have been hung on the main pillars and columns within the main body of the Cathedral.
Archival hand finished prints, framed, or mounted will be available for interested parties to purchase together with other paintings by the artist and exhibition mementoes.

”Solstice Selection”
An Exhibition of works by local artists, Painters, Photographers and Sculptors is now on display at ”Restaurant 7.” Prints, Photography and Original Paintings can be viewed and purchased from the Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour.

”Melange Eclectique ”

” Melange Eclectique” is an exhibition of thirty artists currently running in
Restaurant 7. The artists present a wide selection of artworks consisting of
framed paintings, prints, oils and acrylics on canvas and photography.
The subject matter is varied, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
The works will be on show until 30th September.

” Un Sac Melange ”

An Exhibition of Works by a group of local artists has been on display in the restaurant during the months of March and April.
The Preview Evening took place on Thursday 5th March 7 00pm till 9 00pm. It was a very busy evening, an enjoyable preview with exhibiting artists, friends and visitors chatting, sipping wine and enjoying a generous spread laid on by the generosity and compliments of the owner.
The exhibition has proved very popular with the clientele so, the owner has decided to extend the viewing time until further notice.


The Artworks Galleries

”The Artworks Galleries” selected Linda’s painting ”Malachi” to go on exhibition for three months. It was part of ”Focus on the Figure” Exhibition in the Focused Eye Gallery.

There was a large queue of people waiting at the door, something you do not often see at a gallery. The evening took off with a lively jazz trio playing, refreshments and an eclectic collection of artwork on view.


Heaton Adult Education Centre

Linda was delighted when she was invited to exhibit her work at Heaton Adult Education Centre. The opening day was Saturday 25th November which was part of an Arts and Crafts event, the works include large paintings on silk and some her latest works which are large decorative panels.
The works were on exhibition until the 21st December


The new ”Art Works Galleries”

“Blue Messenger” mixed media on board was accepted for the ”TRUE BLUE” exhibition at the new ”Art Works Galleries,” Stepney Bank, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne.
The exhibition called “True Blue” ran from 7th September for three months.
The public were invited to vote for a winner of the competition and one of the prizes was exclusive exhibition space in the Artworks Galleries.

“Blue Messenger” mixed media on board
Size 122cm x 44cm



The Exhibition ”SPIRIT” commenced Saturday 3rd June in St. Nicholas’s Church. South Gosforth as part of the Pentecostal Celebrations.
Four artists Claire O’ Brien, Linda Anne Watson, Bob Kerr and Mike Bell had their works of art exhibited in the church until 20th June.

Paintings, Prints and Digital images were exhibited by Linda Anne Watson and Claire O’Brien. Bob Kerr and Mike Bell’s beautiful stained glass window panels were also on show around the church.

The Preview Evening 6th June 8.00pm took off with a wonderful friendly atmosphere with members of the band ”Jairus” playing amazing acoustical arrangements which were well received by guests.

The four artists were delighted to have received a special invitation to return
to St. Nicholas following previous successful exhibitions over the last two years.

The artists would like to thank the members of the band ”Jairus” for the delightful music they played at the guest evening.

The works were well received by visitors and a few of the quotes from the comments book describe some of the exhibits as, provocative, oppulent, beautiful , colourful and mind provoking.


”Messenger RSVP”

Following a very successful exhibition at St. Bernadette’s Church, by special request the works were moved to Wallsend Baptist Church, Battle Hill Drive for another viewing.

The opening of the Exhibition  starting with a Coffee Morning and an introduction from the four visiting artists talking about their work.
The opening went very well with a lot of enthusiasm from the congregation and visitors to the church, who were very interested to know how many of the works had been produced.

The works remained in the Church for one week to be viewed during and after the services.

There has been a great deal of interest in the exhibition ”Messenger RSVP” with more invitations coming in for future venues. ” Messenger RSVP” also got a mention in some of the local Art Sites and Magazines.

This is a very exciting time for the four artists and we would like to thank every one concerned for the support and help that we have been given to get the show up and running.


St. Bernadette’s Church

An Exhibition ”Messenger RSVP” took place inside St. Bernadette’s Church.

Four artists exhibited works in the show.

Members of the Band ”Jairus” played acoustical arrangements.



” Windows of Life”

An Exhibition of large paintings (approx 1.5 metres square) on silk took place during the weekend 28th of May until 31st May 2004 at Gosforth Parish Church of St. Nicholas and the church hall. Newcastle upon Tyne. The large silk paintings were suspended from the pillars in the Church for two weeks.
See ‘silk painting’ page for examples displayed within the church.

The works were described by Rev’d Philip Cunningham as ”Truly Stunning”
The exhibition was a part of Pentecost Parish Festival.

Members of the band ”Jairus” performed at the Opening of Exhibition
and during the Weekend.
The band ‘Jairus’ has now formed a three man band called ‘HIGHEST ORDER’ as well as the original format.
‘Highest Order’ is an Exciting Classic Rock and Blues Band from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

This Exhibition was sponsored by Gosforth Fitting Service. The Specialist for
Quality Wood and Laminate Flooring.

Lighting was installed by Ministry Media which is now Tituslive sound,video and lighting.