Silk Painting

pictureFor many years I have considered myself a serious walker both at home and abroad. I am always inspired by my surroundings when walking in the countryside, the vibrant colours of wild flowers, breathtaking landscape or it could be a beautiful butterfly. I would describe my work as self analytical, I am simply painting a reflection of my life, the places I visit, the people that surround me, anything that I observe which inspires me, I paint it. I think an artist should paint whatever inspires the person to paint, if you are excited by the subject matter then your work will be exciting. If you are bored with the subject you are painting then surely this will be reflected to the viewers of the work.

These large paintings on silk have been composed partly from my imagination. To begin I might use a flower as a reference point, and then the influences of my experiences in the environment just seem to take over, an expression of how I feel about the beauty and colours I see on my walking expeditions. I think most of us at times get caught up in the competition with the material side of life, there is so much in the environment to enjoy and it is all free.

Top left ”Dancing Poppies Purple” size 46”x 46”
Top right ”Dancing Poppies Red” size 46”x 42”
Bottom left ”Tiger Lillies” size 46”x 46”
Bottom right ”Natural Beauty” size 46”x 46”

Limited Edition Archival Prints of the large Silk Paintings are available in smaller sizes.